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How Does Your Marketing Score?

Marketing has transformed, and executives demand a greater return from marketing investments than ever before. Ensure that your marketing programs are designed to achieve the objectives most important to your organization—and that you have the team, technologies and capabilities in place to deliver.

Marketing Score is a free online tool that enables subjective analysis from the viewpoint of internal stakeholders, including sales and marketing management, and company executives. It helps you assess the strength of your business and marketing foundations, so you can better forecast potential and align expectations.

Marketing Score assessments enable you to determine the priorities across your organization, gain internal buy-in, and deliver on marketing goals with tangible results.

  • Build brand.
  • Generate leads.
  • Convert leads into sales.
  • Increase customer loyalty.

Start with a Comprehensive Benchmark Analysis

Meeting organization-wide demand for tangible marketing results starts with the marketing assessment.

  • Step 1: Take Marketing Score on behalf of your organization, ranking each factor candidly for the most accurate overall marketing performance results.
  • Step 2: Gather additional perspectives: Ask internal stakeholders to also take Marketing Score. Include company executives, financial officers, marketing and sales management, and any other key influencers for a 360° view.
  • Step 3:Compare the results. Look for trends, and ask the tough questions: 
    • Are priorities aligned?
    • Is performance perceived similarly across your organization?
    • Are we investing in the right resources, such as technology and talent, to achieve or analyze what’s most important?
  • Step 4: Discuss the results. Evaluate priorities, benchmark performance, and commit to improving your Marketing Score.

Move Your Marketing Forward

PR 20/20 specializes in interpreting Marketing Score results, and turning assessments into actionable intelligence. Contact us today to schedule a confidential review of your Marketing Score report.

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