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Forecast Potential and Align Expectations, for Your Leads and Clients.

A successful client-agency relationship starts early in the sales cycle, with the discovery process.

As an agency, we’re continually motivated to find more efficient solutions that increase productivity and profitability, while creating greater value for clients. We’ve used an online survey tool for more than six years to audit prospective clients, and we’ve run into inherent process flaws:

  • It’s time intensive to turn survey responses into actionable intelligence.
  • High-level personnel are required to analyze responses, and therefore it’s not scalable.
  • Results lack scoring systems and visualizations that establish benchmarks for performance.
  • The format doesn’t enable a true assessment of business and marketing strengths and resources, and, therefore, success potential.
  • It fails to properly set and align performance expectations.
  • There’s a disconnect between actual marketing campaign strategy and project management systems.
  • The process by which survey inputs are turned into recommendations, including services and pricing, is not transparent to clients.

We believe there’s a better way. That’s why we’ve built Marketing Score to dramatically improve processes—business development, budgeting, strategies, and campaign management—and create value for agencies, business owners and marketers.

And now you can use Marketing Score to assess your agency's leads and clients! Learn more about the benefits and opportunities for agencies in this blog post.

Agency Partner Program

We’ve heard some incredible feedback already from agencies that have used Marketing Score as part of their business development processes. We’re working on plans to build an agency partner program designed to help agencies secure, retain and grow their accounts.

In the short term, marketing agencies interested in using Marketing Score to assess their leads and clients can follow a simple, three-step process. Click here to join!



The Score is Just the Beginning ...

Looking to thrive in account management, retention and growth? Register for the Client Services Series on demand. The series features seven webinars, as well as access to a collection of exclusive agency resources. In session one, we demonstrate how to utilize Marketing Score to create a strong partnership foundation, reduce client turnover rates, and increase performance and profitability. Later sessions dive deeper in the planning, execution and evolution of integrated campaigns.

The series was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. Read 6 customer reviews.

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