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What's Your Marketing Score?

Evaluate your marketing across 6 core areas, uncover valuable context and insights, and receive actionable recommendations to improve performance. 

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Assess Your Marketing ...


Essential elements of a business and brand.



Strategic planning process and experience with different approaches.


Internal marketing team's capabilities and skillsets.



Utilization of marketing and sales technology solutions.

Lead Sources

Effectiveness of generating leads and sales through key channels.


Historical performance in key areas used to measure marketing success.

Why Take Marketing Score?

Ready North's Marketing Score is a free online assessment and strategy tool. It is designed to help you think critically about your marketing program, and provides resources that drive growth.

What Is Marketing Score?


Marketing Score is based on the theory that every element of your organization impacts marketing. By categorizing each as an Asset, Neutral or Liability, you can:


  • Identify marketing foundation gaps.
  • Devise integrated marketing strategies.
  • Better allocate time, budget and talent.
  • Adapt resources and priorities based on performance.


Marketing Score will walk you through evaluating your organization's marketing talent, technology, strategy and performance.


Each factor is rated on a 0 to 5 scale, with 0 = N/A.


  • 0 - 2 = Liability
  • 3 = Neutral
  • 4 - 5 = Asset 

Personalized, Actionable Insights


Marketing Score's algorithms analyze your ratings against your goals, budget and other business factors. It then generates a personalized report with actionable insights to accelerate growth. Specifically, the report provides:

  • An overall grade and context around what your ratings mean.
  • Opportunities to strengthen your marketing program.
  • Resources, tips, technology recommendations, and more to get you off and running.