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Social Media Marketing

People create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. (Source: Wikipedia)

Social media has changed the game. Everyone is an author, as social offers powerful ways to connect to the people your organization cares about most. Use social media to listen, build relationships and bring value to your most relevant communities.

  • Monitor your brand.
  • Optimize reach.
  • Engage your biggest fans.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Stay relevant and updated on industry news.
  • Establish expertise and influence.

Below, we’ve compiled additional resources to keep you on top of social media’s latest trends, and power your organization’s social media efforts. 

Social Media Resources



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Examples of highlighted PR 20/20 blog posts related to Social Media:



Influencers (people to follow on social networks)

We’ve started a Twitter list that includes those listed above. We’ll continually add to this list too. To follow, check out our Marketing Leaders list on Twitter. 

On-Demand Education

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