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Marketing Resources

mar·ket·ing: the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. (Source: Wikipedia)

It’s a quickly changing marketing industry. The latest automated marketing technologies, social media platforms, and consumer trends can at times make it feel like it’s hard to keep up! When used correctly, these tools can power campaigns that connect directly to audiences and individuals—and prove impact on the bottom line.

Stay on top of the most recent trends and capabilities to know what’s possible in terms of achieving your business and marketing goals. With knowledge of what’s possible, it’s easier to align resources (technology, time, talent) and move forward.

Below, we’ve compiled additional resources to keep you on top of marketing’s latest trends, and power your organization’s marketing performance. 

Marketing 101 Resources



Note: The following links require registration for download. 



Examples of highlighted PR 20/20 blog posts related to marketing 101:


Savvy Panda’s 2013 Event Guide provides a quick overview of some of the industry’s most popular marketing events. PR 20/20 has a downloadable 2013 event guide, too. Below, we’ve called out a few favorites: 


Influencers (people to follow on social networks)

We’ve started a Twitter list that includes those listed above. We’ll continually add to this list too. To follow, check out our Marketing Leaders list on Twitter. 

On-Demand Education

Note: Some of the following links require registration.