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The Future of Content Marketing: 3 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2014

Posted by Mike Kaput on

CMW14Content Marketing World 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio was punctuated by best-of-breed marketers from all over the world sharing information, insights and, at the event’s keynote, a little wisdom from none other than Kevin Spacey. 

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On Navigating the Content Marketing Vendor Landscape [ALTIMETER GROUP REPORT]

Posted by Sandie Young on

content-toolsThe content to marketer relationship is probably a lot like the one you have with your iPhone. You can’t go anywhere without it.

Content drives marketing activities. It’s the eloquent middleman between your brand and your consumers. So, why are marketers behind the ball on strategy and execution?

Earlier this month, Altimeter Group released a report showcasing The Content Marketing Software Landscape. The report found that 70% don’t have a “consistent or integrated content strategy.”

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How Does Your Content Marketing Compare?

Posted by Taylor Radey on

If you could rate your organization’s content marketing on a scale from 1-10, what score would you give? If you could look at the whole of what your team has produced—blog posts, white papers, case studies, ebooks—and compare it to marketers across the country and around the world, how would it hold up?

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Content Marketing: 13 Factors Critical to Success

Posted by Jessica Miller on

What’s the hype around content marketing, and why does it matter? The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as: “a technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

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